Kind of a Resume Nerd

For the past 3.5-ish years, I've been working in the talent acquisition field in some capacity. This means I've seen a LOT of resumes. Have I ever hired someone? Nah. Do I source candidates? Negative. But I've done resume screenings, preliminary phone interviews, and scheduling of interviews. I've walked candidates through pretty much the entire … Continue reading Kind of a Resume Nerd


The Thinkers, The Doers and You

Over time I've learned that I am less of a doer and more of a thinker. Many people, perhaps especially creative types, strive to be both. The thinker is good at brainstorming, the creative process, and critical analysis. The doer takes ideas and makes something of them. A thinker without a doer is half-baked. My evidence … Continue reading The Thinkers, The Doers and You