The Thinkers, The Doers and You

Over time I’ve learned that I am less of a doer and more of a thinker.

Many people, perhaps especially creative types, strive to be both. The thinker is good at brainstorming, the creative process, and critical analysis. The doer takes ideas and makes something of them. A thinker without a doer is half-baked.

My evidence that I am solely a thinker lies in my countless travel itineraries for trips I’ve never taken, unpublished blogs, half-finished canvases, and quarter-filled notebooks. I have hundreds of bookmarked websites and (lord help me) Pinterest boards of things I hope to someday accomplish.

Doing is hard. It’s hard for a lot of reasons, and it’s hard for a lot of people. My own personal reasons are plentiful (anxiety is queen among them) and I have my own ways of coping.

What I like to think I’m good at actually doing is helping others to think. That’s a convoluted sentence – I’ll explain.

While I’m no good at being a doer but great at being a thinker, there are those who are opposite and it can be just as debilitating. For many people, it’s hard to dig in and develop ideas, or do the research, or make a plan. They’d rather have it all laid out in front of them so they can take off at light speed and get shit done.

My career (if I’m feeling generous and actually call it that) has been primarily based around helping others think and plan in order to make the doing easier, and I’m fortunate that it has bled into my personal life as well.

So on I go with this blog, ever so vaguely, and looking forward to the next thing I think up.



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