Kind of a Resume Nerd

For the past 3.5-ish years, I’ve been working in the talent acquisition field in some capacity. This means I’ve seen a LOT of resumes. Have I ever hired someone? Nah. Do I source candidates? Negative. But I’ve done resume screenings, preliminary phone interviews, and scheduling of interviews. I’ve walked candidates through pretty much the entire hiring process, so I have a good idea of who does and doesn’t make it through to the end.

I’m aware that resumes are hard to build. The correct wording to use is vague and nebulous, certain hiring managers look for different things on a resume, Applicant Tracking Systems are finicky and sometimes don’t pick up on keywords, and if you’re not a designer it’s hard to know what format looks good.

Because of the experience and knowledge that I’ve gained in my career, friends and family members have begun to (somehow) trust that I know my stuff and have asked me for help on their own resumes. And I actually love helping. Not only does it satisfy that curious, voyeuristic side of me that wants to read what people put on their resume, but it’s a great feeling to get to totally dismantle it and build it into something that will hopefully get that person hired.

I’ve also been fortunate enough to be asked to speak in front of underclassmen (mostly freshman) to explain the hiring process and advise them on resume writing. This has been one of the most enjoyable things for me, and part of what inspired me to finally start this site.

I hope this helps to put into context my experience and allow you to trust the advice I’ll be giving here shortly. The hiring process sucks, and it’s hard, and it’s different in pretty much every company. It would be great if there were more transparency and honesty in the process, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. So my goal is to share what I know with you, and hopefully, that will aide in your application process.

Be on the lookout for upcoming posts on resume writing, phone interview basics, how to communicate with recruiters/hiring managers, and more!


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